Counseling Office Kobe Dojinsha

We are committed to offer

the highest quality psychological counseling and therapies.


Inner work is the key to problem-solving and your personal growth.

Let us help you explore 

your growth potential and find optimum and realistic solutions.

Regarding Coronavirus(COVID-19)

We take the following measures to protect you from COVID-19:

  • Our staff wear surgical mask, and we also ask all visitors to wear one.
  • 2m distance between client and counselor
  • Ventilation in and between sessions
  • Regularly disinfect interview rooms and office
  • Antiseptic solution provided for your use in the waiting area.
  • If you are feverish  or have other symptoms, please call us before coming. 

Our Services

  • Counseling (Client-centered dialog-based counseling)
  • Dream Analysis
  • Art Therapy, including drawing, painting, clay, and collage
  • Sandplay Therapy
  • Play Therapy (for children)
  • Personality tests (including Rorschach test).We need letter of request from your doctor.

About Our Office

Kobe Dojinsha was established in 1972.  Currently, we are a group of 14 male and female clinical psychologists and professionally qualified therapists.


*Some staff can offer counseling in English.  

Please call us 078-361-2466 on Friday from 10am to 1pm.  English speaking staff will be there.


Office Hours (by appointment only):

Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays and holidays)

Counseling will help you cope with・・・

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sleep difficulties
  • frustration and irritation
  • problems at work or school
  • problems in personal relationship
  • family related matters
  • concerns on your child, parenting, school related problems, bullying,and developmental disorders.
  • problems with eating, such as overeating and anorexia.
  • loss of important and significant relationship , such as loss of loved ones
  • social withdrawal (Hikikomori)
  • cross-cultural issues

Session fees (50 minutes. each)

The initial Session:            12,000 yen
   The following sessions:
 9,000-16,000 yen/ each time


(*The fee and frequency of the following sessions will be discussed with your counselor.)

Location/ Transportation


Counseling Office Kobe Dojinsha   ℡ 078-361-2466

7th floor of the Fujikogyo Minatogawa Building,

1-20 Tamondori 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0015, Japan



3 minutes on foot, from Kousoku Kobe Station (Hankyu / Hanshin)

About 7 minutes on foot, from Kobe Station (JR)

About 8 minutes on foot, from Okurayama Station (Subway)


*For those coming by car, please use nearby paid parking.

How to make your appointment and what follows after that

(1) Make an appointment

Call us on Friday between 10am to 1pm for appointment.

We will ask your name, age, contact information, a brief description of your problems.

 (2) Initial session

We will ask you to talk about your problem so that we get basic understanding of the situation.


* If you currently go to a hospital, clinic, or any other counseling institution, please bring the letter of reference from your doctor/counselor, if possible.

* If medical services seem appropriate, we will refer you to other institution.

 (3) Start counseling
     Based on the information you gave us at the initial session, we will internally discuss whether counseling will fit to your particular problem and situation, and which of our staff counselor is best for you.  The assigned counselor will contact you.

* Since this is not a medical institution, medication and medical diagnosis will not be provided.

About Kobe Dojinsha

1993-1997 Director of the Hyogo Prefectural Association of Clinical Psychologists

2009-2011  Member of the Private Psychological Counseling Committee, in the Japanese Association of Clinical Psychologists

2009 (Nov.13) Special Seminar Invited Dr. Paul Brutsche, a renowned Jungian analys and former president of the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP, Zurich)
2010 (Sep.19-23)
 Seminar on Painting Therapy, Dr. Paul Brutsche,

2014-2017 Lecturer at Hyogo Senior College
 Sandplay Therapy Workshop (organized by Japan Sandplay Therapy Society) held at Kobe Dojinsha, Lecturer:  Keiko Ishikawa


*We have business contracts with companies, schools and public institutions to provide mental health care services.